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ISEKI_Food 2 Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledege in Food
ISEKI_Food 2 Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledege in Food

Título do projecto
ISEKI_Food 2 Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledege in Food towards European Sustainable Development

Equipa Científica
Peter Ho

The main objective of the ISEKI_Food 2 Thematic Network is to contribute to the realisation of the European Higher Education Area in the field of Food Studies.
More specific objectives are:
1) Work towards the quality assurance of European Food Studies;
2) Tuning curricula in Food Science and Engineering, taking into consideration safety and environmental aspects;
3) Develop teaching materials and methods in the field of Food Science and Engineering;
4) Promote synergies between research in Food Science and Engineering with Education/Teaching and Industry; and
5) Establish communication with the general public and the consumers.

The work to be developed will be structured into five main working groups, as is explained in more detail in points 1.4 and 1.5, corresponding to the above mentioned five objectives.
Further to these objectives, several horizontal activities are also planned. These include:
i) Work towards the sustainability of the network;
ii) Development of a virtual community of experts in the field of food, with communication with the general public;
iii) Establish a framework of agreements between partners, fostering the mobility of students and staff (e.g. Socrates agreements between University partners, and Leonardo intentions between non-University and University partners);
iv) Stimulate the development of further related projects between partners (e.g. Erasmus Mundus, Curriculum Development, Tempus, Fotan, and Framework programme for Research and Technological Development, among others).

35 meses

Início - Fim

Instituição Coordenadora
Escola Superior de Biotecnologia

Entidades Parceiras
113 Instituições (74 universidades, 2 EU Associações de estudantes e 37 parceiros de indústria e investigação)

Montante Global do Projecto

Programa Financiador
226032 - CP - 1 - 2005 - 1 - PT - ERASMUS – TN
Socrates/ERASMUS – Thematic Network Projects

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