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Innovative Tourism Development

Career opportunities

A wide range of career opportunities exist internationally in tourism because the sector is forecast to continue to grow in its demand for skilled employees. Career opportunities exist at different managerial levels within the service industries and the demand for employees with good skills and qualifications is high. This Masters degree has been developed with both the workplace and the future skills needs of graduates in mind. It is both relevant and focused upon the need for tourism-focused skills that can interact with a wide range of businesses.

The opportunities span the visitor attraction sector, transportation, hospitality, operations management in the service sector, as well as in many associated industries which require a wider understanding of how tourism operates, is managed and how a creativity perspective can add value to the tourist experience.

Career options include:

  • Directors of tourism enterprises
  • Tourism Facility Management
  • High-level staff positions in tourism, leisure and recreation companies
  • Marketing and tourism communication managers
  • Strategic development managers for companies and tourist destinations
  • Consultants and researchers in the field of tourism
  • Managerial/ project management roles in rural, regional and national tourism organisations
  • High-level staff positions in the public/civil service
  • Lecturers in the area of tourism education
  • Liberal professionals
  • Tourism entrepreneurs
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